Free Kittens & Bread review

Hey, guys. I just wanted to say that this is a great local band. I personally know the front man’s family, and they introduced me to them. They are a great indie rock group, but unfortunately, they are very small, so they only have three videos on YouTube, and that’s the only work of theirs that I could find. So, I decided to review two of the songs.
Serotonin Trip
I start the review off with my favorite song of the triplet, and this songs proves that acoustic guitars aren’t only for soft folk music. The quartets rock sound is accentuated by the heavy guitar in this track, an is right up my own personally alley of a harder rock sound. Rarely has a band used all of the instruments in such a manner that they sound like a larger band.
Puppet On A String
The band went in a folk direction with this song, and used its acoustic guitar in the best way possible. The band has a small group feeling with the track, and has more of a roots-based sound than the other songs available. The story-like lyrics tell a story of woe, and is a good track for folk rock lovers.


Hey, guys.
If you send me an ask, or email me with the the name of a band, and give me a bit of time to actually do my reviewing, i will try to send out a blog post and an email with a review of that band. I’d prefer it to small/independent, but there’s a first time for everything. Right now, I am reviewing Free Kittens & Bread, a local band and ill have The Ten and the review of the band out of friday, both on this blog, and the email blast.

Week One

Retrograde- James Blake
Now, I don’t care much for singer/songwriters, but this James Blake song makes me appreciate the independence. The mix of today’s love of electronic beats and yesterday’s Motown/r&b vocals come together greatly, while the humming music creates an aura of strength and desperation. Blake croons about a girl needing to be the best she can be, and the occasional vocal humming brings about such a feeling that only be compared to the likes of yesteryear’s Motown singers and today’s deep singers.
Future Starts Slow - The Kills
A bluesy punk duo of such a caliber has not been heard by my earthly ears before. The harmony of a rough man’s voice and a soft woman’s voice meet straight in the middle with the drum-heavy and guitar fueled music to create a feeling of a intimate setting with the two, just experiencing the music, as if it was a physical thing. The song will become an instant hit for any darker rock lovers.
Bugs Don’t Buzz - Majical Clouds
The Canadian electro indie duo creates a minimalist sound with their mix of deep bass and repeating piano chords that accentuate each word and syllable of Devon Welsh’s singing and speaking. The song and it’s “chilled-out” vibe mix with the deep and meaningful lyrics of young and faithful love, to create a nostalgic feeling in the hearts of many. If you want to get into more electro based indie music, definetly check out this song and the duo’s other material.
Floating Vibes - Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood brings back the 1970’s-1980’s surf punk rock vibe with its melancholy guitar riffs and its loving vocal features. The lyrics show off a feeling of hurt, yet a sense of hopefullness. They show off an unique sense of writing with a heavy guitar based melody, and multiple guitar riffs between each stanza of vocals. The song is great for those of you who like revenge songs, and don’t mind one or two curse words.
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second - STRFKR
With a bit of drums at the beginning, and then a finger picking guitar riff, the band sets this song up for success. The soft, light vocals sing of a feeling of sadness and leaving, and the overlaid guitar adds to that. The electronic drums of today accentuate the sound and lead to a new age-y garage rock feeling. This band proves the idea that indie music isn’t fluffy bullshit.
Dropla - Youth Lagoon
Another revenge song gets on our ten of the week list, and this time a regular rock sound is accompanied by electronic notices and sleigh bells. The more grassroots feeling of this songs combines with the higher male vocals and overall jam feeling that the band creates to make a great feel that will get the song stuck in your head for a good bit. The extended bridge creates a piano and guitar duet, and makes a feeling of climactic sounds which leads to the chorus once more. This is an excellent song, and a great way to start the new year out.
The Antidote - St. Vincent
90’s alternative mixed with today’s garage punk noise to create this cacophony of rock and vocal led music. While a driving rock guitar riff goes throughout the songs, the electronic keyboard sounds of the 80’s and 90’s make an appearance next to the heavy female vocals, whilst the backup vocalists occasional howls bring a certain dark should ton the track. A good song for anyone who loves darker rock with an older vibe.
Elephant - Tame Impala
Ahh, one of my personal favourites. The band creates a link rock feel with the beautifully violent duet of the drums and guitar, and the male vocals bring out a feeling of rebellion, and when you hear the signature, “Here it comes,” the synth leads are unleashed and an 80’s synth rock feeling comes in waves over anyone listening. The music slowly fades back into its regularly scheduled programming, and the punk rock lives on, for a few lines, that is. This is a great track for all you punkies out there.
Feel It All Around - Washed Out
Even though this track is off their oldest of the two albums, this song brings, along with its age, a feeling of other worldliness. Washed Out creates this atmosphere with a minimalistic track and with such beauty. The theme song for IFC’s Portlandia bring steel drums to today’s new music, influencing a feeling of old combined with new. Check it out if you’re into lighter electro indie.
Henrietta - Yeasayer
Another crooning vocalist appears in our ten, but this time with a more electronic based sound. The band has a vibe of electrorock, and delivers with this song. The vocals are set around a gir named Henrietta, and the electronic sounds amplify the singers voice, without smothering it, which is a rare thing in today’s world. The band shows a great jam vibe when the vocals stop, and the focus is directed towards the techno music. For all you electro fans, check it out.